Multi Brown Wicker Table with Ice Pail - NH425692

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The ElsenorÊMulti Brown Wicker Table w/ Ice Pail is perfect for those who love to host with a little bit of wine to add to the event. The ice pale is perfectly placed under the table for easy access to refill your guest's libations, and allows for easy cleaning with removable pale. ÊThis unique table is a must have for all outdoor hosts, and the polyethylene wicker that encloses the iron frame allows the table to withstand natural wear and tear, as well as the seasonal elements, allowing you to feel at ease about the long lasting nature of the piece.

Includes: One (1) Dining Table
Material: PEÊWicker
Leg Material: Iron
Color: Multi Brown
Easy To Assemble

31.75?L x 31.75?W x 34.25?H

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