Antique Black & Silver Firwood TV Stand - NH162003

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This TV stand is great for any time of home entertainment setup. Featuring both open spaces and cabinets, you get the best of both worlds. The open spaces on top and for the two shelves in the middle allow your electronics and systems to breath, helping avoid the issue of overheating, while the cabinets provide the perfect storage for your blu-rays and video games. Plus, if you wall mount your TV, this stand becomes the perfect home for your sound system, allowing you to house your receiver, plus center and side speakers all on one stand. This TV stand is an all-around win! 
  • Includes: One (1) TV Stand 
  • Material: Firwood 
  • Frame Material: Iron 
  • Wood Finish: Antique 
  • Frame Finish: Black with Silver 
  • No Assembly Required 
  • 17.30"D x 64.50"W x 20.07"H
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