Antique Fir Wood Display Shelf - NH929692

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The Warner Antique Fir Wood Display Shelf is a great addition to any home and provides ample shelf space for all of your books, knick knacks, and other displayable items. This shelf also features a breathable display, with mesh walls and no back. It allows you to not only put a design on the wall behind the shelf, and still be able to see it, but it also gives you the freedom to use this shelf for plant life, without worrying about killing your plants. Use the Warner Antique Fir Wood Display Shelf as you will, and enjoy it for years to come.
Product Details
  • Includes: One (1) Display Shelf
  • Material: Fir Wood
  • Leg Material: Iron
  • Color: Antique
  • Leg Color: Black Brush Rust
  • Assembly Required
Dimensions: 34.25"D x 13.25"W x 68.50"H
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