Outdoor Hammock w/ Wooden Base - NH663993

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Hammocks are one of the most peaceful pieces of backyard furniture that you can have. Enjoy sleeping beneath a shady tree with the breeze on your face, swaying you back and forth, or reading your favorite book while drying out from the pool while you sunbath. Hammocks are a great addition to any backyard and ideal for those peaceful weekend days when the only thing you need to worry about is when the sun is going to disappear over the horizon.
  • Includes: One (1) Hammock
  • Frame Material: Larch
  • Hammock Material: Cotton/ Polyester Blended Fabric
  • Frame Finish: Teak Finish
  • Hammock Colors available in: Blue & Green Stripe, Orange-Coral, Brown Charcoal, White/Blue/Red Stripe, Multiblue/Red/White Stripe, Light Green, Light Blue, Aqua Blue, Blue/Green/Teal Stripe, Blue/Yellow Stripe, Cream
  • Assembly Required
  • 58.90"D x 164.15"W x 49.75"H
Weight Capacity: 400lbs.
Blue/Green Stripe
Brown Charcoal
White/Dark Blue/Red Stripe
Blue, Red, White Stripe
Blue & Yellow Stripe
Light Green
Light Blue
Aqua Blue
Blue Green Teal Stripe
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