Indoor Benches & Settees

Industrial Modern Fabric Bench - NH612203
Modern Farmhouse Fabric Settee - NH137503
Glam Furry Bench with Gold Metal Legs - NH876303
Marshall Sandy Tan Tufted Fabric Loveseat - NH815832
Modern Fabric Bench with Black Iron Legs - NH482303
Elegant Tufted New Velvet Blush Cushion Bench - NH611103
Mid Century Modern Fabric Settee - NH683992
Fabric Settee Loveseat - NH059992
Acacia Wood Bench with Cushion
Modern Fabric Settee with Hair Pin Legs - NH356703
Cushioned Bench, Velvet, Gold Chrome Iron Cross Legs, Glam, Button-Tufted - NH924703
Modern Velvet Ottoman Bench with Brass Finish, Emerald - NH980503
Modern Velvet Ottoman Bench with Brass Finish, Black - NH880503
Mid Century Fabric and Faux Wood Storage Bench, Indigo Weave - NH099403
Mid Century Fabric and Faux Wood Storage Bench, Red Heathered Tweed - NH199403
Mid Century Fabric and Faux Wood Storage Bench, Dark Grey Tweed - NH989403
Mid Century Fabric and Faux Wood Storage Bench, Cement Heathered Tweed - NH889403
Indoor Light Grey Finished Light-Weight Concrete Dining Bench - NH383303
Indoor Industrial Acacia Wood Bench with Shelf and Coat Hooks - NH274503
Velvet Bench - NH100603
Indoor Farmhouse Acacia Wood Bench with Shelf - NH043503
Patio Glider Bench - NH308503
Mid-Century Modern Settee - NH358503
Mid Century Fabric Bench - NH923503
Glam Velvet Bench - NH566603
Out of stock
French Style Velvet Bench - NH500603
Markis Fabric Ottoman Bench - NH336003
Markis Leather Ottoman Bench - NH536003
Tufted Fabric Bench - NH928992
Out of stock
Hemsworth Leather Ottoman Bench with Casters - NH362112
Marshall Natural Beige Tufted Fabric Loveseat - NH615832
Bradford Leather Loveseat - NH685412
Meadows Mahogany Stained Wood Bench w/ Ivory Cushion - NH953592
Tybe Tufted Dark Blue Fabric Bench - NH828992
Out of stock
Contemporary Linen Tufted Bench - NH285992
Farmhouse Cottage Acacia Wood Bench - NH545203
Industrial Modern Microfiber Bench - NH712203
Out of stock
Mixed Color Fabric Handmade Wood Bench - NH518003
Jennings Modern Mid-Century Fabric Bench - NH612003
Hemsworth Fabric Ottoman Bench with Casters - NH426592
Mayflower Mid Century Modern Ottoman Bench - NH888892
Pullman Fabric Bench Ottoman - NH103932
Roth Contemporary Leather Brown Ottoman Bench w/ Rack - NH44892
Lucille Grey Leather Ottoman Bench - NH859612
Lucille Black Fabric Ottoman Bench - NH759612