28" Artificial Wreath with White Berries - NH470413

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Invite a wintery charm into your home that can last all year round. Our decorative wreath is an ideal addition to any space in need of a fresh natural touch. Featuring a woodland look comprised of enchanting snow-dusted mixed foliage and white berries, our artificial wreath accessory will bring any home to life. This is delightfully lightweight and requires effortless installation, allowing you to easily hang this wreath on a door or to place it around your favorite table centerpiece for an extra dash of style.

A TOUCH OF PERSONALITY: Easily customize your interior space all year round with this outstanding woodland piece. With an unbeatable combination of mixed foliage to its snowy white berries, this accessory will be sure to enliven any space.

MIXED FOLIAGE: From its natural-looking greenery to its snow-dusted white berries, our wreath perfectly captures a homey woodland charm for your interior space. Featuring mixed foliage with a sprinkle of white, this accessory brings a fresh touch of nature to your home.

LIGHTWEIGHT: The structure of this wreath is carefully crafted, making this a wonderful lightweight product that you can easily move. This allows you to transport this accessory wherever you please with the least amount of effort.

DIMENSIONS: Choose an accessory that is the perfect size for you and your home. This wreath is 28.00” W x 6.00” D x 28.00” H. You will love how much your space can transform with the simple addition of this charming wreath.

NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED: This accessory comes ready to use. Simply remove this from the box and fluff out the branches for your desired look.

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