4-foot Pre-Lit 152 Multi-Color LED Artificial Christmas Twig Tree - NH576313

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Set up your holidays for success with a delightful accessory of glimmering charm. Our stunning pre-lit artificial twig tree is here to make a statement in your home. With a lovely natural look and sturdy structure, you will be able to create a cozy, woodland look next to your fireplace or in a corner in need of a sparkle. This accessory offers flexible branches for a wonderful foresty look that also features built-in LED lights that illuminate every holiday evening with a shimmering glow.

DECORATIVE: From its flexible branches and stunning glitter finish, our tree perfectly captures the charm of Christmas. This tree features faux twig branches to create a beautiful snow-dusted look that is ideal for a bit of holiday cheer.

LED LIGHTS: With multi-colored LED lights, our twig tree offers an eco-friendly, energy-efficient option that saves you electricity and money. These lights have an incredibly long life span and do not burn out like regular bulbs.

FAUX WOOD: This wood alternative is engineered from real wood, heat, pressure, and resin, giving it a low-maintenance yet stunning appearance. Our tree uses this material to give the appearance of a beautiful natural look while offering a stable structure.

DIMENSIONS: Choose a centerpiece for the holidays that is the perfect size for you and your home. This Christmas tree is 16.00” W x 16.00” D x 48.00” H. You will love how festive your interior space can become with the simple addition of this charming tree.

ASSEMBLY REQUIRED: Some assembly is required for this Christmas tree. All of the instructions and tools needed for assembly are included.

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