Boho Handcrafted Embossed Coffee Table, Gold - NH833413

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Upgrade your living room with a centerpiece that is sure to leave a lasting impression. Featuring a simple and sophisticated structure, our coffee table is the perfect place to display a vintage vase of flowers, framed photos, or an artful array of books. This selection is completed with a gorgeous embossed brass finish and is supported by a sturdy cross base, providing your living room a sleek bohemian vibe. This coffee table is solid, stylish, and will feel perfectly at ease in any home.

BOHO: For a carefree, unconventional look and a variety of textures for your interior space, our coffee table brings an earthy boho touch to your decor by combining a beautifully embossed finish with sturdy mango wood.

HANDCRAFTED DESIGN: This accessory is expertly designed and handcrafted with artisan expertise. Any natural variations are not product flaws, but rather, will ensure that your purchase is truly a one-of-a-kind product.

EMBOSSED FINISH: Featuring a gorgeous oriental pattern, this coffee table features a striking embossed design that results in a raised surface. This is carefully crafted from brass sheets, giving a one-of-a-kind look to any interior space.

MANGO WOOD: Mango wood features gorgeous golden browns with natural hues that come from spalting, making each piece a one-of-a-kind color. Not only does this hardwood showcase unique patterns and take well to stains, but it also offers dense durability to resist wear and tear.

DIMENSIONS: Choose an accessory that is the perfect size for you and your furniture. This coffee table is 38.75" W x 38.75" D x 18.00" H. You will love how much your space can transform with the simple addition of this charming table.

  • Oriental Embossed Pattern
  • Golden Brown Mango Wood
  • Brass Sheet Tabletop Accent Material
  • Bohemian Design
  • 38.75" W x 38.75" D x 18.00" H
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