Espresso Leather Storage Ottoman Coffee Table - NH626933

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The Berkeley Leather Storage Ottoman Coffee Table is a classic and inviting representation of form and function. Timeless, rich bonded leather is a great accent for any setting. Whether placed near traditional or modern decor, it is the perfect complement to any room.In addition to its opulent exterior, this piece provides ample storage beneath the easy-to-lift, stay-open, lightweight lid. In the living room, throws and pillows can be tucked away for company or stored for seasonal use. The generous amount of storage space is also great for storing serving trays, children"s toys, or for simply tidying up when unexpected guests arrive.This piece is also a great finishing touch for a well-appointed bedroom.While richly appointed, this ottoman is also built to last. Sturdy construction with inconspicuous but stylish feet will handle heavy use, and even playtime with children. The combination of quality, luxury, and beauty ensures that your ottoman will outlast changes in your room"s decor and appearance for years to come.


  • Timeless, rich leather construction and classic design
  • Provides ample storage, additional seating, and a place to set things
  • Softly padded top for added comfort
  • Sturdy wooden frame for added stability
  • Accents any room setting beautifully
Includes Dimensions (in inches)
Ottoman 35L x 35W x 19H
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