Modern Stainless Steel Lantern Set - NH761213

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Bring home a comforting and inviting touch to your interior space with a set of sleek accessories. Crafted from stainless steel and tempered glass, our lantern set offers a beautifully refined accent that brings a light and airy feel to your space. These are topped with hanging ring handles that easily allows you to share a bit of brightness and warmth throughout your home. Featuring one small, one medium, and one large lantern, our lantern set will illuminate up your space with charm and style.

MODERN DESIGN: Our lantern set features a modern style due to its simple, clean style with minimal yet eye-catching accents. Offering minimalistic design topped with flat circular caps, these lanterns offer a sleek structure that is completed with beautiful ring handles.

STAINLESS STEEL: Constructed of rust-resistant stainless steel, the frame of our lanterns are made to be incredibly durable, ensuring that these accessories remain stable and secure. This material brings a beautiful modern look to your decor.

COMPLEMENTING FINISH: The frame of each lantern is finished with a complementing polished touch, giving this piece a dazzling touch to its modern design. This finish gives each accessory a sleek look that will accentuate its crisp, clean structure.

TEMPERED GLASS: The lantern features tempered glass panels that offer a gorgeous translucent look. This glass is made to be stronger and safer than regular glass, making this more resistant to breakage and shattering.

DIMENSIONS: Choose an accessory that is the perfect size for you and your furniture. This lantern set includes one medium lantern and one large lantern. The small lantern is 6.75" W x 6.75" D x 15.00" H, the medium lantern is 5.50" W x 6.00" D x 15.50" H, and the large lantern is 7.25" W x 7.50" D x 21.25" H. You will love how much your space can transform with the simple addition of this charming lantern set.

  • Includes: One (1) Small Lantern, One (1) Medium Lantern, and One (1) Large Lantern
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Glass Material: Tempered Glass
  • Finish: Rose Gold / Black
  • Hand-Crafted Details
  • No Assembly Required
  • Small Lantern Dimensions: 6.75 inches deep x 6.75 inches wide x 15.00 inches high
  • Medium Lantern Dimensions: 6.00 inches deep x 5.50 inches wide x 15.50 inches high
  • Large Lantern Dimensions: 7.50 inches deep x 7.25 inches wide x 21.25 inches high
    Rose Gold
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