Outdoor 31lb Concrete Circular Umbrella Base, Bronze - NH766403

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Sit outdoors comfortably in the shade with the help of this outdoor umbrella base with iron collar. Safely secure your umbrella below your patio table or use it as a stand-alone piece while decoratively using a stable support. Featuring a neutral finish that will blend into your existing outdoor decor, you'll happily lounge in the cool shade flawlessly for hours.

Includes: One (1) Umbrella Holder
Material: Concrete
Support Pole Material: Iron
Finish: Bronze
Light Assembly Required
Hand Crafted Details
Base Weight: 31 lbs.
Recommended Umbrella Diameter: 51 inches to 64 inches
Dimensions: 17.70 inches deep x 17.70 inches wide x 12.30 inches high

17.7"L x 17.7"W x 12.3"H

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