Outdoor Acacia Wood Wheelbarrow Planter - NH921413

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Offer your outdoor space the charisma it deserves with eye-catching sophistication and excellent function. From its charming wheelbarrow design to its rich acacia wood structure, our planter will instantly enhance your patio or backyard with delightful farmhouse aesthetics. This accessory offers durable construction and a drainage hole to ensure that your plant has a stable home to grow. Complemented with a dark gray finish, this planter offers a classic look to your garden or porch. Perfectly crafted to hold your plants, this piece is the perfect accessory for your green thumb.

A TOUCH OF PERSONALITY: Bring your outdoor area to life with our delightful acacia wood wheelbarrow planter. With farmhouse aesthetics, this accessory will not only enliven your backyard or patio space but also provides space to grow plants.

WHEELBARROW DESIGN: This planter features a charming wheelbarrow design that brings your outdoor space a simple countryside atmosphere. Not only does this structure safely house your favorite flowers and plants but it also acts as an aesthetic accent piece.

ACACIA WOOD: Made with acacia wood that brings a sleek and exotic look to your space, this durable hardwood naturally withstands outdoor elements and will not darken over time. Acacia wood is perfect as a solid, heavy frame that resists wear and tear.

DRAINAGE HOLE INCLUDED: Our planter includes a drainage hole at the bottom so that excess water will not pool. This prevents water from becoming stagnant, which promotes healthier roots.

DIMENSIONS: Choose an accessory that is the perfect size for you and your outdoor space. This planter is 19.50” W x 12.50” D x 12.00” H and has an inner dimension of 14.50” W x 6.50” H with a depth that tapers from 8.75 to 10.00 inches. You will love how much your space can transform with the simple addition of this accessory.

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