Outdoor Hammock Fabric (ONLY) - NH963992

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Recently discovered that your hammock fabric has started to fray and come apart? Fret not! Instead of replacing the entire hammock, you can now just purchase a hammock fabric replacement for your existing hammock base. Not only can you replace old hammocks, but you can mix and match your hammock fabrics depending on your mood or outdoor get-togethers. Never worry again about having to spend a fortune on your hammock, but rather, just replace what you need to.

  • Includes: One (1) Hammock Fabric
  • Material: Cotton/ Polyester Blended Fabric
  • Colors available in: Blue & Green Stripe, Orange-Coral, Brown Charcoal, White/Blue/Red Stripe, Multiblue/Red/White Stripe, Navy/White Stripe, Light Green, Light Blue, Aqua Blue, Blue Green Teal Stripe, Cream, Blue/Yellow/White Stripe, Brown/Blue/White Stripe
  • *Weight Capacity w/ Hammock Base: 400 lbs.
  • 59.06"D x 78.75"W x 0.10"H
  • Dimensions w/ Hammock Base: 58.90"D x 164.15"W x 49.75"H
Brown Blue White Stripe
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