Outdoor Modern 10 x 10 Foot Canopy - NH283403

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Transform your backyard, patio or garden into a place of mystery and romance with this covered gazebo. Perfect for summer days when you are looking to avoid the sunlight but still enjoy your patio, this gazebo features shaded areas while still maintaining an open and airy feel to it. With its pergola inspired design, not only can you enjoy your gazebo as is, but you can also hang lights or vines around the tops of the cross beams that extend out creating an oasis in your backyard.

Product Details
Includes: One (1) Gazebo
Material: Water Resistant Fabric
Composition: 100% Polyester
Frame Material: Steel
Color available in Beige or Gray
Frame Finish: Brown
Assembly Required

Dimensions: 115.00"D x 115.00"W x 83.00"H

Inside Dimensions: 96.4 inches deep x 98.8 inches wide x 78.1 inches high.

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