Outdoor Rustic Acacia Wood Candle Lantern - NH435603

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Illuminate the night with a romantic glow that is housed by a beautifully designed candle lantern. Standing proudly at nearly four feet tall, this piece is perfect for the host or hostess interested in setting the mood for your next outdoor get-together. The frame of this lantern is crafted from rich acacia wood for a lovely rustic atmosphere, bringing a homey aesthetic and delightful charm to your backyard or patio space. Finished with stunning tempered glass, this lantern will create an atmosphere that is absolutely unforgettable.

RUSTIC DESIGN: Accessorize your outdoor space with this rustic style lantern that brings a rugged, natural beauty to your backyard or patio. Including nature-inspired textures and earthy wood materials, our lantern provides simple yet outstanding design.

ACACIA WOOD: Made with acacia wood that brings a sleek and exotic look to your space, this durable hardwood naturally withstands outdoor elements and will not darken over time. Acacia wood is perfect as a solid, heavy frame that resists wear and tear.

TEMPERED GLASS: The lantern features tempered glass panes that offer a gorgeous translucent look. This glass is made to be stronger and safer than regular glass, making this more resistant to breakage and shattering.

DIMENSIONS: Choose an accessory that is the perfect size for you and your furniture. This candle lantern is 47.00” W x 12.50” D x 12.50” H. You will love how much your space can transform with the simple addition of this charming lantern.

ASSEMBLY REQUIRED: Some assembly is required for this standing lantern. All of the instructions and tools needed for assembly are included.

  • Includes: One (1) Lantern or Two (2) Lantern
  • Frame Material: Acacia Wood and Zinc
  • Window Material: Tempered Glass
  • Finish: Teak
  • Hand-Crafted Details
  • Assembly Required
  • Dimensions: 12.50 inches deep x 12.50 inches wide x 47.00 inches high
    Teak Finish
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